Catholic Churchs of Barber County

Anointing of the Sick

Father Brantley 620-886-3596
For emergencies 620-886-0691 (Father's cell  phone)

In the sacrament of the anointing of the sick, Christ uses the anointing and prayers of the priest to give comfort and strength to the soul and to the body of one seriously ill. We meet Christ here to receive his healing comfort, strength, and pardon. Anyone who is seriously ill, mentally or physically, may take part in it -- or a condition which is so serious as to demand surgery with a general anesthetic or even one who is weak from old age.  Communal anointing takes place at the care facilities on a regular basis. Don't be afraid to call for the Parish Office to schedule this sacrament at every serious change in your condition.

Information about funerals may be found here

Communion to Sick and Shut-Ins

Sharon:  St Boniface

Shirley Ditgen takes communion weekly to Attica. 
Eucharistic ministers take communion to homebound family members on a regular basis

Medicine Lodge – Holy Rosary

Father Brantley takes communion to the long term care unit weekly.

Kiowa – St John the Apostle

Scheduled weekly sacristan takes communion each Sunday

To schedule call Father Brantley 620-886-3596           


We will be happy to bring Holy Communion to those who cannot attend Weekend Mass.